Plasterworks, false ceilings

Consolidate sector of our
company. We realize the
more complex architecture
using increasingly
innovative processes, but
with respect for tradition.


Sixty years of activity in the construction sector have enabled us to achieve a high level of expertise and reliability in all areas of plasterwork and suspended ceiling systems…

The ESSECI is specialized in both exterior and interior residential and commercial plastering and is able to offer, depending on your needs, insulating plaster, fire-resistant plaster, waterproof, breathable plaster, eco-friendly plaster etc…

Thanks to a very flexible workforce, we can provide a wide range of plastering services including building repairs and maintenance.

We offer a wide range of suspended ceilings from the traditional to the most innovative ones.

Thanks to our experienced team and the use of innovative technologies allows us to realize complex interior design solutions.

  • Plasters: traditional, environmentally friendly, breathable, fireproof, insulation, shielding;
  • Suspended Ceilings: plaster, plasterboard, mineral fiber, lightweight gypsum board, wood slats, metal panels, expanded metal;
  • Walls and false walls, gypsum boards, plates “Knauf Aquapanel” Outdoor;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Fire protection systems;
  • Raised floors;
  • Movable walls.